What it is and what it is not…..There is much talk of being mindful..mindfulness.

Where do you live?  In the past?  In the future?

When you think about it, our life is in the here and now.  Our very breath sustains us.

Why worry about what was…cannot  change it….only learn from it.

Why worry about the future….we are not there yet…nor do we want to be.

Just take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the quality, the quantity and the total experience of it.

Now exhale and do the same.   That is where you are…That is being mindful.

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Do you have five minutes for yourself today?  If you answered yes—great!  If you answered no—take five minutes for yourself and see how you feel afterwards.

In that five minutes, please close your eyes and take a deep breath….not a chest-centered deep breath, but what I call a “baby belly breath”.  Put your hand on your abdomen and take a deep breath – try to make your hand move outward.  Now do it again….and again.

Soon you will feel a little different.  You will be able to think clearer.  You are more relaxed…and it was done with a few breaths.

Now your challenge is to find five minutes a day to breathe.

Give it a try and see how much better you feel, how much clearer you think and how much more relaxed you are…just for today.

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My Virgin Voyage into Blogging

Reiki by Margie Energy HandsThis blog is to help those reading it understand my Reiki experience so that they may consider giving this energy some consideration. The first word that comes to mind is “Peace”. We all experience peace in our own ways, in our own time and it means so many varied things. But the universality of Reiki makes it whatever your “Peace” is. Please take the time to think about it, giving it serious consideration and align yourself with a practitioner that carries the same vibration… it is out there… just be open to it.

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